Hands, Face, Space and Fresh Air

(Directed by Fred Scott)

Press, OOH and digital ads completed the campaign.


After so long in lockdown, the temptation to bend the rules a little is huge.

We all know we shouldn’t hug our friends and family when we finally meet, but it’s really hard not to.

The trouble is, it increases the risk of spreading Coronavirus, and potentially makes the chances of us all getting back to normal that little bit further away.

We wanted to tap into how we all feel – how we’re all tempted to turn a blind eye to the rules – but also show that by doing the right thing we’ll all get to where we want to be sooner.

With Fred Scott from Merman, we made four TV ads in which people find themselves in situations we might all find ourselves in. In each case they’re tempted to bend the rules a little, as we all might be, but eventually realise it’s not worth the risk and so end up doing the right thing.

Accompanying these films were an assortment of OOH, print, and digital with photography by Emli Bendixen.


Creative Leads


Mullen Lowe / NHS / HM Government


March / April 2021