Let's Keep Going

30 Second TV (Directed by Simon Ratigan)

Print showed people doing the right things - things we've all been doing, and that are helping to control the pandemic.
(Photography by Oh Brother)


Another quick turnaround campaign, comprising 30 second TV, 3 x 20 second cutdowns, countless OOH, print, digital and social ads, and more radio commercials than you can shake a swab at.

This time, rather than hectoring the already lockdown-weary general public, this campaign aimed to make people see that all the things they were doing were helping to stop the spread of Covid-19 and bring infection levels and deaths down – and get us a little closer to where we all want to be.

It was less of a parent to child tone of voice, and much more of an adult to adult conversation. A friendly word of encouragement to keep people going when they might otherwise be tempted to give up.

We wanted to show people doing the right thing – all those little sacrifices we’re all made to try and control the pandemic. The things that have become second nature in such a short time; the things we all recognise – from that awkward little dance we do when trying to make space when passing someone, to having to lift our foggy glasses to read labels on food in supermarkets.

Again, we worked with Simon Ratigan (who is brilliant at bringing warmth and humanity to everything he shoots) and managed to make a national campaign in no time at all.

Tarik and Hax from Oh Brother shot the stills, dovetailing seamlessly with the hectic schedule of the TV shoot.


Freelance Creative Director Team


Mullen Lowe / HM Government


February 2021