NHS Test & Trace App

60 Second TV.
(Directed by Simon Ratigan)

Working with social distancing rules we filmed real people over several days.
We got so much footage we were able to make numerous online films.

In print we wanted to keep the message as simple as possible, but still link your loved ones on your phone with the app.

So we placed everything within a phone frame.

This worked especially well in 6 sheet formats.

All images where sourced from real people to add authenticity.

In press we were able to add more detail and localisation to our message.


We were given the brief of getting the public to download the NHS Test & Trace App – an essential part of the Government’s attempt to control the global Coronavirus pandemic, and eventually return us all to a more normal life.

Three and a half weeks later the campaign we’d written aired nationwide with TV, radio, print and digital work.

We knew we had to make a message that would cut through the public’s scepticism and weariness, and persuade as many people as possible to download the app, so we hit upon a really simple, emotional thought.

Everyone you love is on your phone.
So should the app that can help protect them.

We all have photos and videos of our loved ones on our mobiles. We have their numbers, names, and apps that help us keep in touch with them. It’s why we’re at such a loss when we misplace or lose them. Tapping into this truth gave us the emotional weight to land the message. It also firmly tied the people you care about and want to keep safe with the app which would help you to do so.

In just 3 days over 30% of the public had downloaded the app. Until then, the country which had most success was Germany with 22%.

A study by Google / Oxford estimated that this many people having the app could prevent between 6,500 and 8,500 Covid-19 deaths, and lead to at least 70,000 less infections.


Freelance Creative Director Team


Mullen Lowe / HM Government / NHS


September 2020