B&Q Launch TV


This was a bit of a quick turn around project. We wrote the scripts over a weekend, presented them to client on Monday, put them into research Tuesday, and by Friday were into full scale production. Six weeks later the ads were on air, which is incredible when you take into account all of the wires that needed painting out and different plates that needed comping together.

The idea of the campaign is to get the British public up off their sofas and doing those things around their homes they’ve been putting off. In the ads people doing ordinary jobs around the house and garden are given an heroic look with their everyday clothes bursting off to reveal their DIY gear. We used the iconic orange apron that all B&Q staff wear to give them an almost superhero feel, and also brand the ads with the B&Q orange throughout.

This 60 second launch ad is designed to get the “UNLEASH THE B&Q IN YOU” thought, with other ads to follow which concentrate on different products and services.

The campaign was directed by Olly Williams at HSI, with post by Absolute and sound by Munzi Grand Central.