Churchill TV


We were asked to create a new campaign for the nation’s favourite nodding dog, and after nine months of sometimes arduous development, this is what we came up with.

We got rid of the CGI dog in favour of an animatronic puppet, which we felt would give the campaign more warmth and charm. We also felt it would help to create chemistry between the dog and actor as often with CGI the actor has to ‘act’ with thin air. We also tried to keep each advert as simple as possible in terms of messaging and, in comparison with older campaigns, we think we managed to achieve this.

The other benefit of a ‘real’ dog is that production times are now slashed, and it means we can quickly shoot something (like a viral or tactical ad) much quicker than when using a CGI dog. You can see some of these on Churchill’s You Tube page below.

Martin Clunes was chosen as Churchill’s new side kick – an established British comic actor who is known and loved by the target market, and who brought a great deal to each spot.


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